Artist Paula Pitkanen

Flower painting, pigment painting, Lucky Flowers 1, 60*80 cm

Artist Paula Pitkanen

I am colour passionist, intuitive painter, expressionist

Painting always brings happiness to me, even when I’m at my worst. When I paint my heart is filled with love and that’s why my works always reflect hope and love. I paint intuitively guided by colours and my works are mainly pictures from my mind. When I see something coming out of colours, I sometimes can search form for it from reality.

I’ve always wanted to be able to help others, but I have stumbled a lot in my life. I have been ill for a long time and I have been taking care of three children as a single parent, so the time and the energy have not been sufficient to very great deeds. Still, I think that each of us can improve the world even with small everyday acts, like taking care of our loved ones. Like Mother Teresa has said, “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”

Art has given me the power to sprinkle love around me and and also a little bit further. Through my paintings I hope good crumbs spread to the whole world. Love is a life-long theme for me – also religion, philosophy and power of life. When painting, I get close to myself and find peace of mind. Since I can turn even anxious feelings to good energy with art, I believe that this power of positivity also passes on to the viewer.



I have studied the creative skills at Hyvinkää Art School, Wetterhoff  Institute, Vantaa Arts and Crafts school, Rastor, Keuda and Aava Vedic Art Academy. Vedic art has given me a new way of making art, and in recent years, the paintings have taken me to wonderful and surprising adventures. I started my studies at the Alfa art school in January 2019 to develop myself as an artist, so for a few years I will focus a lot to my studies.


Passion for color

As a very little girl i had a rag doll which was light blue and light blue was my first love. I was colouring everything all the time, also in my mind. Since then my shades have varied, during recent years eg. from orange to pink and purple.

So colours have been important to me since childhood. I usually start to paint by taking the colours that attract me at the moment. The colours then easily create images and patterns that I bring out.


Recently I have started to have exhibitions again, and I’m a member of Vantaa Artists Association, Finnish Artists as well as Art Point Association. This year, I’m also a member of the exhibition committee of the Vantaa Artists Association.


Welcome to my exhibitions!

With my love,
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RakastanTaiteilijatalo Gjutars Vantaa – 9.9.-23.9.2016
Lumen valo, Galleria Artika Helsinki – 10.1.-29.1.2017
VOIMA, Ravintola Teatteri/Kello Galleria, Helsinki 29.4. – 30.6.2017
Minä ja universumi, Galleria Jänis, Turku 5.-30.11.2017
Tilinpäätös/Bokslut, Galleria Jänis, Turku 2.-28.12.2017
Valon hetkiä, Galleria Artika, Helsinki 9.1.-28.1.2018
#lovetolivebythesea, Peijas-Rekolan sairaala, Vantaa 1.-31.3.2018 > 4.5.2018 asti
#lovetolivebytheseaHima&Sali, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki 1.8.-30.9.2018  > 7.10. asti
Yhteisnäyttely, Suomen taiteilijat 50 vuotta, Valssaamo Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki 26.9.-7.10.2018
Jade Gallery, Helsinki 1.1.-31.1.2019
Yhteisnäyttely, Galleria Albert IX, Yhteinen kotimme, Helsinki 8.1.-20.1.2019
LUCKY FLOWERS, Makers, Cultural Center Sähinä, Helsinki, Finland 27.7.-31.8.2019
Raffia ja smoothia, Vantaa art association 25 years jubilee exhibition, Galleria K, Vantaa, Finland 20.9.-6.10.2019
Finnish art assosiation annual exhibition, Valssaamo, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki 24.9-6.10.2019


Hakunila church, Vantaa, Finland 24.11.-24.12.2019
Blau Rot Gelb, Galerie m beck, Homburg, Germany 23.10. – 17.11.2020


Artist Paula Pitkänen




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